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Building successful relationships to develop the
insect market

If edible insects are the solution to feed the world, then it is time to start production, processing and sales now. Entoprise has been building its network to bring this new food to the attention of the Western world.

There is an entirely new sector to be developed, we want to contribute to the best of our abilities, join us!

Financial Advice

Do you want to start an insect farm? We are happy to help you draw up a financial budget. We can even provide a complete business plan with up-to-date marketinfo.

Investment Planning

To know first what it will cost to breed insects, we can quickly visualize the investment costs based on existing
or new locations.

Safe And Secure

From years of experience we provide safe tools to bring your product to the market. We supply assistance with permits, Novel Food and other hurdles to take.

Always small pieces make the big picture

Many entrepreneurs think and act faster than the market can handle, we are in touch with these innovators. Let us join hands to find ways to go forward, together we are stronger.

Get on this train now, do not waste any time because weels are in motion.

Knowledge and experience

Circular and sustainable production of protein-rich food is a global challenge for the future, together we will have to look at production techniques, use of energy and agricultural land in a different way. Entoprise searches for the best solutions to feed our planet through insects.

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