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We are looking for people who have the ambition to become successful in the insect industry, there are enormous opportunities for skilled and experienced staff.


Education   and   training

Schools and universities develop training programs to prepare candidates for the market, “edible insects” becomes an elective study program in agricultural schools. We have contact with various school communities, we recruit school-leavers with internship experience in the insect industry.

know more about school programs, just ask!

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Our recruiters work for you to find the right candidates for your vacancies. Thanks to our years of experience in the insect industry, we are able to link your wishes to the right person.
Our field of activity is Europe, mostly because developments are moving forward rappidly in this part of the world.

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In the coming years, the industry surounding edible insects will develop rapidly. Taking this into account, we expect that the demand for personnel with experience and specific knowledge about edible insects will increase. We know what it takes to be successful in this new sustainable and innovative industry, so sign up as a job seeker or employment provider, we ensure a good match with competent support.


Who are we looking for right now?

Insect   Breeder   with   experience

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Factory   Operators   Edible    Insects

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Career   makers   in   the   edible   insect   industry

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“Educate and Employ is the first recruitment specialist in the edible insect industry, which makes us the right partner for clients and staff!”

“ a deal is a deal”

“We recruit for the Food, Feed and Pharmaceutical industry.”

“We know how difficult it is to get experienced and skilled personnel, we will not rest until we have found your perfect candidate!”


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