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Edible insects 
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Welcome, our organization brings supply and demand together in the insect sector. The affiliated entrepreneurs work together on the development of products, services and innovations to meet the growing demand for these sustainable protein sources.

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Farming Insects

A select group of breeders with years of experience are responsible for the production of mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers and black soldier fly (BSF). You can also become one of them.

Insect processing

You need specialists to process insects in a high-quality and food-safe manner. Our certified processor takes care of the treatment of the insects into delicious food.

Advisory services

As this market is still relatively in its infancy, there is also a need to gain knowledge. Within our group, knowledge is shared to grow together and to contribute to the maturing of the sector.

Networking and lobby

By closely following developments and deploying our network where necessary, we are happy to contribute to accelerating market progress.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

The Edible insects are already an important food source in many countries. Now that Europe is almost ready for the large-scale introduction of insect-based foods, we have now qualified ourselves to serve the market. Growers and processors have joined forces to produce high-quality and safe products, fully compliant with EU regulations and requirements.

You ask, we run

Although there is still resistance to eating insects, the majority have accepted the idea that it should be given a chance. Many will eat insects in masked form, others will use the whole insect in the kitchen.

Are you a food processing company, a Retailer, a Fast Food chain, a food distributor, ingredient supplier or any other company in the food industry? We can help you make your products more sustainable by using insects as an ingredient, as an alternative protein source, as a flavor enhancer or anything else we can think of.



Our Top Priorities

Our first focus is to serve existing customers as well as possible, not only by selling products but also by working together. Our breeders want to scale up and new farmers sign up, so our second priority is to find new buyers. Thirdly, we look far ahead and are building a network with which every partner can grow.

Our sustainable challenges:


Insect breeding in Europe takes a lot of energy, insects need heat, climate control and ventilation. We only want to build our businesses from sustainable energy sources, only then will the insect industry have a future.

Emission of greenhouse gasses

We have learned in recent years that insect breeding has lower greenhouse gas emissions than most traditional meat productions. There is still much to be investigated, but the prospects are promising.


Because we eat insects 100%, no guts or bones are removed, there is little waste in the process. Even the manure can be reused.

Water use

In many cases, insects get their water needs from the food they are fed. Here too, insect breeding makes a positive contribution to improving our food production.

Circular Farming

Circularity, a great way forward. Insects are able to convert low-value residual flows into high-quality food. We throw away too much food, insects are a solution.

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