Anyone can imagine that if we want to feed the world with insects, we need a lot. That means that many farms will be necessary to meet the demand, let’s work on that. Enterprise makes its knowledge and network available to ensure that this market is developing rapidly. Entoprise wants to get in touch with existing farms, but also with new entrepreneurs who want to take the opportunity to become an insect farmer. Support in many ways can be provided, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
The employees of Entoprise are working daily to bring supply and demand together. Searching for the right products for any purpose. We see wide application possibilities for insects, whether it’s frozen, freeze-dried or otherwise processed. Let us know what you need and we will search for the best solution, both from our own production, or that of our partners. Entoprise specializes in human consumption but feel free to challenge us out when it comes to feed.
Entoprise offers a wide pallet of advice options. Whether it comes to writing your business plan, applying for permits, financial budgets, support about farming insect or otherwise, Entoprise offers you customized advice.